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Martha is a well mannered girl with sweet creamy milk. She is 4 years old and just had her 3rd heifer.

Martha Moo

We purchased this Lovely Jersey Girl June 2014. She Calved a beautiful Heifer (baby girl) October 11, 2016. She came from Live Oak, FL from Wainwright Dairy. Though used to being machine milked and seldom handled by people, she took to attention and loving right away. She demands her daily brushing and enjoys ear scratches.

Martha does eat nearly pound for pound for her milk! She gives about 5 gallons of milk per day (about 40 pounds) and eats 40 pounds of grain and hay every day! She has free choice of Orchard, Alfalfa and Timothy hays as well as a custom blend of grains and electrolytes to keep her fit and healthy.